OEM Supplements and Cosmetics from Japan Supplement Foods

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We Make
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We offer:

For those with needs such as:
  • Our original cosmetic
    and supplement brands and producs
  • Guidance in packaging, shape, and formulation
  • Products that make you want to repeat purchase
  • Products for both new and established companies

Nutritional Supplements - Functional Supplements - Functional Foods - Cosmetics - Quasi Drugs.
We Offer Support with Ingredients, Formulation, Design.
We offer help with product launching in Japan.

Furthermore, we offer advice for marketing and promotion of your products in Japan

  • Ingredients


    We have a network of unique high quality materials and ingredients.

  • Manufacturer


    Our trusted manufacturers create a wide variety of high quality products and packaging.

  • Seller


    We as the seller put this all together for you.


The Consumer

Merits of OEM

  • Low Cost

  • Unique Branding Opportunities

  • Strengthens Your Brand

  • Support from Professionals with Professional Experience

  • Effective Product Development

  • Expand Your Market and Reach

What is OEM

OEM is short for Original Equipment Manufacturing and means a process of production where a product is manufactured by another company.


Product Development Process

Our job is not just product planning and production.
Our job is to make sure our customer is satisfied.
Our strength is the ability to answer to the varied needs of our customers.

  • Hearing


    Concept, Functions, Contents, Vessel, Packaging, Costs, Payment Methods, etc.

  • Sampling



  • Quotation


  • Formal Production and Evaluation

    Formal Production and Evaluation

  • Settling the Details

    Settling the Details

  • Production and Payment

    Production and Payment

  • Support and Followups

    Our focus is always on the current step.

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Quotation image
Formal Production and Evaluation image
Settling the Details image
Production and Payment image


Our Four Main Priorities!

  • Planning


    We plan our products, packaging, design, and promotion, based on your needs.

  • Proposals


    Thanks to our network of manufacturers with real experience in health food experiences. We can also share our knowhow in web design, business, and sales marketing over the internet.

  • Reliability


    We are particular about picking the best, scientifically backed ingredients. We will answer to your questions quickly.

  • Safety


    All our products are GMP, HACCP, and JAS certified. We want to only present perfect products.


Development Advice and
Potential Lineups

  • Health Foods

    Health Foods

  • Nutritional Supplements


  • Functional Foods


  • Cosmetics


  • Pseudomecinine

    Quasi Drugs


Health Foods - Nutritional Supplements - Functional Foods

Skin Beauty, Diet, Health, Etc. Health benefits for the purposes you want.

Product Categories we can Make

Tablets, granules, softgels, seamless capsules, hard capsules, marked capsules, Plastic Bottle Packaging, Lamizip pack, Three Sided Seal Pack, Stick Packaging, Blister Packs, Box Packaging, Seal finishes etc.

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Cosmetics and Quasi Drugs

Including moisturizers, tightening creams, and skin conditioners, etc.

Product Categories we can Make

Cleansing Gels, Face Cleanser, Soap bars, Lotions, Liquid Foundation, Coated Packages, Sheet Packages, Moisturizing Conditioners, Fragrances, Bust care, Hairgrowth Repressors, Deodorants, Hair Removal Products, Bodysoaps, Shampoo, Conditioners.

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Please Send Your Inquiry

  • I want to make a new product, how to proceed?

  • I want to make a new product but I need some ideas.

  • I am considering changing my manufacturer.

  • How to make a product that sells well?

  • I want to reduce my current production costs.

We Respond to Your Needs such as These

Our goal is to create products that sell themselves and that’s why we support our customers from step one to finish. Companies that are thinking about getting into the health foods and cosmetics business. Please contact us about questions about MOQ and sample possibilities as well. We want to help your company improve your business!

We Offer Product Consultation for Free

    Please confirm the contents.





    Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of product can you make for us.

    We produce OEM products including cosmetics (Makeup, Body-makeup, Hair-Related Cosmetics, Fragrances), and Medical Cosmetics (Pseudomedicine), Health foods, Food for Specified Health Uses.

    How does the OEM process go.

    First we will discuss with you regarding your wishes and needs.
    After this we will work with you regarding marketing, ingredients, planning, sampling, and finally commercialization.
    Furthermore, we will discuss things like lot sizes, prices, etc, and adjust based on your needs and our capability.

    How much time will it take from productization to purchase?

    The production time depends on the ingredients, type of product, and packaging.
    Once we get through the designing part we can give you an estimate, however we want to hear your hopes regarding it too.

    What is the minimum order quantity?

    The MOQ depends on the ingredients, contents, packaging, etc.
    Once we get through the designing part we can give you an estimate, however we want to hear your hopes regarding it too.

    How much will the product cost?

    The costs will depend on the product and many different details. However, OEM products start from roughly about $15000 including packaging.

    How long will it take to receive a sample?

    After creating the product concept we can usually present a sample in about a month.
    Ingredient analysis will be performed simultaneously, and therefore fine tuning may be necessary.

    Can I make a request for ingredients?

    Ingredient requests are possible but additional time may be required for legal and testing procedures for ingredients we have not used before.

    Can you give us promotion and sales advice?

    We offer a consultation service, please feel free to contact us.

    Can we make package design requests?

    We take your requests for logos, packaging, and bottles, etc.
    Not just the design,

    Can we request for all the product detail information in the package?

    Of course!
    Ingredients, contents, caution labels, usage method, nutrition, recycling mark, etc, can be requested.

    Is it okay to sell these products even if we are not a registered cosmetics or pseudo medicine company?

    In Japan, to manufacture cosmetics and pseudo medicines, registration as a cosmetics or pseudo medicine business is required.
    However, OEM products are not manufactured by the final seller, which means it is not necessarily required for the seller to register as one. If the manufacturer is registered, it is enough. All the manufacturers in our network have properly registered as manufacturers so the buyer need not worry.
    In this case, the factory becomes the ‘manufacturing origin’ and your company becomes the ‘seller’.

    COMPANY Company Overview

    Company Name

    JAPAN SUPPLEMENT FOODS Co., Ltd (日本サプリメントフーズ株式会社)


    Fukuoka City, Chuo Ward, Akasaka 1-10-24
    Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan


    Daisuke Kumabe


    18th April 2008

    Main Bank Account

    MUFG Bank, LTD.

    Main Business

    Health food planning, development, and wholesale
    Online Retail
    Web planning, development, and design.